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Fantasy Football Expert Drafts and Mocks searched the internet for the top Fantasy Football Expert Drafts & Mocks. What lessons can you learn from the pros?

Fantasy Football Expert Drafts

Expert drafts? Industry drafts? I’m not exactly sure how to refer to these. Many people have an issue with the word expert being thrown around in Fantasy Sports. Regardless, every year various sites go about getting a group of people who have been deemed good at Fantasy Football and have them go through an entire draft. Some of these will be played out and some are just mocks.

What you’ll find below are the best of these expert drafts and mocks we could find. While some people don’t see the value of examining these expert drafts, I think it really does help see how other people are valuing each player.

Want to mock against some of these same experts? Give our Mock Draft Simulator a whirl.

The expert drafts below were initially collected on June 27. As more drafts get completed, I’ll add those at the top of the list.

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Expert Drafts and Mocks


Know of an expert draft or mock that we missed? Tell us about it.

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Do you find value in expert drafts? Is it a waste of your time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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