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Fantasy Football: IDP Strategy digs deep for the top sources of IDP Strategy. Take your Fantasy Football to the next level and get down with IDP!

IDP Strategy for Fantasy Football

IDP Strategy is a bit of a niche topic, but here’s to hoping there becomes an increasing demand. Most people who play both Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy football will concede that Fantasy Baseball takes a lot more preparation if you want to succeed… unless you’re talking about IDP leagues. The introduction of individual defensive players kicks it up more than just a notch. If traditional leagues are getting a little stale for you, and you’ve already ventured into auction drafts, then IDP is your next frontier.

Below you will find the top sources of content for IDP Strategy. I’ve included as many from 2017 as possible, but many of the strategies in IDP are timeless, so I’ve included older articles that still have plenty of value. The IDP landscape is a bit barren right now, but as the season nears we’ll keep adding content as it comes out.

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IDP Strategy for 2017


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