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The Top 50 Fantasy Football Sites in Existence

Below you will find links to 50-plus Fantasy Football Sites. These links will take you to the home page for sites that are dedicated to Fantasy Football, or to the main football page for sites that cover multiple sports.

The Fantasy Football Sites below are focused on season-long formats. If  DFS is what you seek, we’ve also got a page dedicated to Daily Fantasy Football.

50+ Fantasy Football Sites for Strategy and Analysis

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Know of any fantasy football sites that we’ve missed? Tell us about it.

We here at do our best to aggregate all the very best Fantasy Football sites out there. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty big job. New sites pop up every week and older sites disappear. We can’t keep up on our own. We need your help! It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes an entire community to maintain the internet’s largest collection of Fantasy Sports Links.

If you know of a Fantasy Sports link we haven’t discovered, please let us know in the form below.

The Fantasy Sports Industry is booming and everybody wants in on the action. It used to be that the bulk of Fantasy Football players kept to large established sites like ESPN, Yahoo, or CBS. Not so anymore. To get the very best information players have to sort through an ever-increasing number of Fantasy Football sites. The big boys still offer plenty of good stuff, but they no longer have a monopoly.

Of course who has the time to surf through 10 or more different sites to find what you’re looking for? Nobody with a life, that’s who.

Lucky for you, we here at fit that description to a tee. We’ve sacrificed Friday Night Bingo to scour the web (seriously, we used that Scrubbing Bubbles guy) to find you the top 50-plus Fantasy Football sites in existence. And yes, as you are reading this there may be slightly more or less than 50 Fantasy Football sites on the list. First of all, we don’t count all that well. Second of all, sites are always changing. Finally, what the hell are you doing counting the links? Get a life.

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